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What to bring fishing in the Florida Keys

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What to bring fishing in the Florida Keys

  • Sunscreen
    We are the closest point in the continental US to the Equator after all!

  • Hat
    See Above. You can actually burn the top of your head!

  • Polarized Glasses
    You might need to cast a bait to a fish, how are you going to see through the glare? Go get a pair.

  • Food and Drinks
    Yes Beer is allowed. But bring plenty of water and other drinks. Stay hydrated and be ready for action. (It is customary to bring the captain and mate some grub!)

  • Camera
    Take a good photo of your catch and we'll post it on this website!

  • All bait and tackle is included
    Frozen, live, cut, whole, (even sliced, diced, minced and chopped :-) we bring it all. The fishing scene in the Florida Keys is constantly changing and we try to prepare for anything that might be biting. Sailfish are seen when dolphin fishing, dolphin are seen while sailfishing.

  • Ice is included

  • Fishing License Included

Contact Captain Kevin Brown

Email: hotbite@bellsouth.net

Cell (305) 394-0792

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